busy busy...


It has been a very busy time in the studio for me, as I ready everything and everyone for my Open Studio - there has been much chipping, filing, polishing and cleaning up in general, to have the studio looking ship shape.

Yetta is really coming along, as you can see from this image.  She started her journey from New York via air freight (first class for a stone) and arrived in my studio in April this year (2017).  Yetta is named after my great aunt who lived in the Lower East Side of NYC and worked for many years in the rag trade.  Yetta was a fiercely independent soul, very eccentric, and adventurous - I think of her leaving her family back in Poland, in the early part of the 20th century, to make the journey alone to a new country.   This sculpture is an ode to her.

Yetta is perfectly flawed - and all woman!

Becca CrawfordComment